“Interactive Cultural Heritage Map of Strijp-S”

“Interactive Cultural Heritage Map of Strijp-S”, a new digital resource for exploring the heritage of Strijp-S district in Eindhoven has been launched. This multi-media web platform can be accessed here https://strijp-chaware.tue.nl/index.php (not compatible with mobile phone yet). This has been developed as part of the PhD project of Benshuo Wang.

The aim of the web platform is to increase the awareness of the cultural heritage value of Strijp-S. On the platform, you can find text, photos, videos, 3D models and VR panoramas collected from different sources. It also has an option to submit users’ own experiences and knowledge about each heritage spot and therefore enables users to enrich the platform. So if you have any experience, you are welcome to contribute to the web platform.

this multi-media web platform has been tested and compared to other possible options by 450 users. The comparison study will follow up soon.